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Our team is bound to bring accurate and factual content through InvestorDiary, and we may expect a little margin for error technically or typographically.

This Web site may contain other proprietary notices and copyright information, the terms of which must be observed and followed. Information on this Web site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.

To comply with the latest ongoing trends, we may alter/modify/update the existing content on the website without prior notice. We keep adapting to the latest products and services demand in the market and create new products/update existing ones without any notice.

InvestorDiary takes no responsibility for claiming the information available on the website is accurate and requests users' discretion in using the data. We do not assure you that the information will solve any reported problems. We do not grant any licences to confidential, copyrighted, or patented intellectual property by furnishing information. 

We do not encourage information sharing with InvestorDiary to be confidential or copyrighted. Any user sharing data will be deemed NOT confidential. Every piece of data submitted to the InvestorDiary permits us to use it per our policies. Data collected will have an unrestricted, irrevocable license to use per our discretion. We shall only use such data to improve InvestorDiary products and services for users. We shall also use the data to market custom solutions to the users. Users who submit any sort of information as a suggestion, feedback, concepts, ideas, etc., might be modified or altered according to the will and wish of InvestorDiary. Once submitted, users will have no point in claiming copyright to the data submitted. However, we will not use your name to share or publicise the information submitted, and in any particular case, if we had to publicise your name, we would do it with the following terms:

  • We request your consent to publish or publicise your content.
  • We will inform you why we need your name or authorisation to publicise.
  • We are forced by the law to mention the author or owner's information along with the data.

Global and National availability

The information available on the InvestorDiary can be accessible by the global audience, but that doesn't reflect the products and services referred to on the website are available in your country/region/state/city. Certain products and services of InvestorDiary are restricted to some regions as per the land of law. We request contacting our InvestorDiary team to know the products and services available for your particular region.

InvestorDiary provides products and services with obligations governed by specific terms and conditions applicable to that particular region, product, or service. If you obtain any of InvestorDiary products offline or away from the world wide web, such transaction breaches the product or service’s terms of use, and no warranty is applicable. You shall continue to use the product or service at your own risk.

Data are available from third party, company and Income-tax Department.

InvestorDiary may allow users to import Income and tax information into your InvestorDiary account. We allow an option to import data, but it doesn't represent accuracy in data transfer. While importing confidential information to your InvestorDiary login, we recommend that users check with accuracy before filing tax returns. If you use InvestorDiary to file returns, you might be able to access your information.

Delay in services:

InvestorDiary or its associate platforms that include staff or representatives shall not be liable for any service delay. InvestorDiary takes no responsibility if any delay or interruption loses user data, irrespective of the reasons for the delay or interruption happened due to technical, natural, or mechanical reasons.

Email and SMS:

Once you are registered with InvestorDiary, we consider you are deemed to abide by the terms and conditions of InvestorDiary and shall agree with receiving updates from us. You permit us to use your contact data to send email/SMS/notifications to promote or inform InvestorDiary’s products and services.

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