Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

The following sections define the guidelines we follow at InvestorDiary in defining products and services price. Please check all the points mentioned as per your interaction with InvestorDiary before purchasing. We shall mention all the prices on InvestorDiary in INR only.

Price Range

Our mission is to provide affordable and sensible investment skills to everyone keen on learning how things work. We keep our prices as low as possible without compromising the quality and knowledge we assure you in every course. Pocket-friendly investment course is our motto, and hence we try to bring the prices that justify the buyer and the content creator’s effort, efficiency and quality. 

Schedule of payment

A different set of premium courses will have different duration of access to the users. We shall try to mention the access duration for every course. If there is no information in the description for any course, you can consider it as one-year by default.

Price Matching

InvestorDiary wants to be the best in its sector, providing sensible investment courses with the best prices compared to the same class courses available in the market. We keep an eye on our competitors to make our courses best at its quality and affordable at its price. We make an attempt to match the price if there is any other course in the market that gives the high-end knowledge as we do with the courses.

Sale Adjustment

Customer retention is our priority, and we shall provide a feasible option for sale adjustment to our valuable customers. In case if there is any change or reduction in the price within two weeks of purchase, you can simply drop us an email quoting the same. We will be happy to adjust the price accordingly. 

Pricing Errors

We have a team of experts who ensure you will have a hassle-free experience with InvestorDiary. Out-of-the-blue errors are unpredictable. Suppose we encounter any such errors that have disturbed or disappointed your purchase from InvestorDiary. We will address the concern within a few days and notify you about the next steps. We are bound to win client satisfaction.

In any of the cases, if the purchase price is shown higher than it has to be and the transaction is successful from your end, charging you more, we will reverse the transaction and inform you about the same through the proper channel.

Shopping Cart

We recommend completing the transaction within a few minutes from when you added it to the cart. As we try to work on price changes according to our pricing policy, there might be a chance of a change in the price. To avoid any further conflict of sale, we shall try not to alter the price with heavy margins. 

For any queries regarding the InvestorDiary, feel free to contact us at 8497979740. We are happy to assist you in your successful financial independence, which itself is our milestone.