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This stock market course for beginners is all you need to start investing and earning profits from the volatile stock market. We have curated the curriculum to deliver every skill you have to play safe, eliminating the risk and finding multi-bagger stocks with minimal research. Exclusive strategies to help you learn, understand and master the fundamentals of investing and stay ahead in analysing and finding the right stocks. You will be able to examine how a company’s stock has been performing over the years and anticipate the returns shortly. Our beginners guide for stock market is for every individual keen to learn and earn passive income to achieve financial freedom. Our zero to hero course covers 360-degree stock market basics and assures you returns within the first three months of the course completion.

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Course Curriculum

Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management Introduction to Technical Analysis Technical Patterns Introduction to Options Currency Options Trading Strategies Option Strategies Options Strategy and Pricing Capital Market (Dealers) Module Algorithmic Trading What is Stock? What is Share?
Introduction to Derivatives Financial Derivatives Introduction to Options Equity Options Equity Future Currency Option Currency Features Options Strategies Options Strategies & Pricing Trading Strategies
Behavior Finance Financial Markets Beginners Module Banking Fundamentals Financial Planning Wealth Management Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Financial Statements Financial Derivatives Introduction to Technical Analysis Speaking Effectively
Securities Markets Beginners Module Mutual Funds Beginners Module Introduction to Options Financial Markets Beginners Module Introduction to Technical Analysis Speaking Effectively What is Fixed Income What is Forex What is Commodities What is Commercial Banking What is Life Insurance What is Taxation What are Venture Capital and Private Equity What is Portfolio Management What is FinTech What is Economic Policy & Research
Introduction to Financial Planning Wealth Management and Economy Investment and Risk Management-Equity Investment and Risk Management-Debt Investing in Gold & Real Estate Investment Products and Services Investment Evaluation Framework Risk Profiling and Asset Allocation Risk Management through Insurance Elements of Taxation Taxation of Investment products Estate Planning
Capital Markets Fundamental Analysis Derivatives Technical Analysis Financial Planning
Basic Technical Analysis Dow Theory Trendlines Support & Resistances Classical Chart Patterns Candlestick Patterns Gap Theory Introduction to Indicators and Oscillators Fibonacci and Markets Trading Strategies Trading Psychology, Risk Management and Money Management
Introduction to Fundamental Analysis Ratio Analysis Equity Valuation
Understanding Financial Modeling and Financial statement Building a Financial model Basic Case Study-Building Financial Model Financial Statement Analysis Methods of Valuation Financial Modeling Case Study
Introduction to Financial Accounting Basic concepts & Conventions Accounting Procedure & Process Importance of Financial Statements Components and Format of Financial Statement Interpretation of Financial Statement Cash Flow Statement Nature of Financial Management Concepts of Value & Return Valuation of Bonds & Shares Working Capital Management Investment Decision Cost Behavior and CVP Analysis Budgeting and Forecasting
Introduction to Derivatives Introduction to Forwards and Futures Future Markets Introduction to Options Options Pricing Options Strategies Open Interest and Rollover Trading, Clearing and Settlement
Introduction to Debt Markets Interest Rates Interest Rate Derivatives Product Specifications on NBF II Trading Strategies IRF, Clearing and Settlement Regulatory Framework
Introduction to Macroeconomics Inflation and Interest Rate GDP and other Macroeconomic Variables Fiscal Policy Monetary Policy Globalization-Trade and Investments Financial System of India
Interest Rates&Time Value of Money Money & Fixed Income Markets Government Bonds Interest Rate Derivatives Interest Rate Futures in India An explanation of key concepts in IRF Applications and trading of Interest Rate Futures
Bhav Copy Open Interest Volume Relationship between Price Open Interest and Volume Premium/Discount Rollover Statistics FII Statistics Max Pain or Range Theory Put Call Ratio
Financial Market at a Glance Concept of Stock Market Index and its calculation Time Value of Money Learn about the trade life cycle, the process of trading, risk management and contract notes. Fixed Income Instruments. Risk / Return Matrix Corporate Actions & its meanings Mutual Funds - Its Schemes

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Course duration may sometimes vary when we replace the course videos with the new content. In general, it lasts for three to four hours.


Irrespective of your profession and age, anyone who wishes to learn how to start trading and earn money through stocks can take this course.


This is a beginner's course where we help you learn everything from scratch, which means there are no mandatory prerequisites to enrol for this course.


As a beginner, you don’t need any softwares to invest in. We have mentioned some online tools that give you insights into stock analysis. 


This course is once in a lifetime investment for your future. You will have unlimited access to the courses you purchase from investordiary.


We request you check the videos' feedback and demo before purchasing. We assure you the same quality is provided after purchase. There are no refunds for the short courses from InvestorDiary.

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I, Vishnu Deekonda, am dedicated to providing the proper financial education to every individual interested in becoming financially independent through intelligent investments.

I have trained people to build financial independence and observed people had got many myths about investing for beginners. I want to prove to such individuals that these myths are the bottlenecks to a successful trading portfolio. I wanted to share the knowledge I have gained through a decade of experience with the people willing to build a healthy stock return with less or no risk.

I am a course creator for InvestorDiary and am on a mission to provide every course one needs to master to build a healthy portfolio for stocks. I shall also be sharing courses on IPOs, mutual funds, stocks trading and other core areas of investing crisply and clearly.

Every course you buy from InvestorDiary will be worth every penny you have invested in buying one. I wanted every individual to learn by practicals, where I shall help every learner walk through the deep analysis of every concept you need to understand before you start trading.

Customer retention is vital, and we ensure to provide value to the customer through our courses. We believe that the proper knowledge shared with the users will be a successful marketing option; it brings the potential audience to learn more about trading. We feel privileged to make more content videos to help every user learn and earn more.

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